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Moving in to Your New HomeYou'll need a key, some helping hands and a fair amount of patience. Note: This content doesn't apply to International applications, only students already living in Finland.

Getting Your Key

You are allowed to move in after the tenancy agreement has been signed. You may start moving in from the day the tenancy agreement starts. This in usually the first working day of the month.
Keep in mind, that the previous tenant of the apartment is allowed to move out also on the moving day, as you start to move in.

Pick up the key from the TOAS office during the office hours.

The key will be given only to the tenant him/herself. If you are unable to pick up the key personally, write a letter of authorization for someone else. The person picking up the key, the tenant or an authorized person, must present valis ID. A passport, identification card, driving license, residence permit, or KELA card with a photo will do.

You may also receive the key directly from the tenant moving out. In that case, the tenants must fill in the key transfer agreement and both the old and the new tenant must sign it. Be sure to deliver the key transfer agreement to the TOAS office at the latest on the moving day (first working day after the old tenant’s agreement has ended).

Tenant Inspection Form

All new tenants must submit the tenant inspection form within one month after moving in.

Fill in your observations regarding the apartment, e.g. marks/damage found on the surfaces (walls, floors, etc.) or on the furniture of the apartment/room. This means you will not be held responsible for any damage caused by the previous tenant.

Note that the tenant inspection form is not a fault report and TOAS will not automatically order repairs on the basis of the tenant inspection. Urgent faults concerning safety (fire alarms, electric and water fittings, pests, etc.) must be reported by a fault report without delay.

All done? Enjoy student life!

Tenant Inspection Form