Moving in to Your New HomeYou'll need a key, some helping hands and a fair amount of patience. Note: This content is for agreements applied via the Regular application.

Getting Your Key

You may pick  up your key at TOAS office. You must present a valid ID with a photo (passport, identification card, driver’s license, residence permit or a Kela-card with a photo). The key will be given only to the tenant him/herself. If you are unable to pick up the key personally, write a letter of authorization for someone else.

Keys to contracts starting in the middle of the month can primarily be collected from the pick-up locker.

Key directly from the tenant moving out?

That’s ok too, as long as you fill in and sign the key transfer agreement. The form must be delivered to TOAS office as an e-mail attachment IMMEDIATELY as the key has been given to the new tenant, to address NOTICE: The tenant who is moving out must order the final inspection to be done before giving the keys to the new tenant, by sending an email to a week before the key transfer.

Flat mates

Please notice, that TOAS is not legally allowed to give the names or the contact details of the future flat mates (Data Protection Act).

Moving into your new home

You may start moving in once your tenancy agreement has started. Moving day is the start day of the tenancy or (if that day is on a weekend or a holiday) the next working day. Keep in mind that the old tenant is moving out the same day when you are moving in. This means you might meet each other in the apartment. As other people are moving also, please have patience!

Check below the mechanism of the lock case!

Flat inspection and tenant inspection form

The apartments will be inspected on the moving day between 8am and 4pm. The inspectors leave a form in the apartment on which they also mention possible repairs and cleaning plans. If you meet the inspectors in the apartment and they haven’t written some faults or malfunctions on the form, please let them know.

Submit the tenant inspection form within one month after your tenancy agreement has started. Fill in your observations regarding the apartment, e.g. marks/damage found on the surfaces or on the furniture of the apartment/room. This means you will not be held responsible for any damage caused by the previous tenant. Note that the tenant inspection form is not a fault report and TOAS will not automatically order repairs on the basis of the tenant inspection. In case you notice something that needs to be repaired, please submit a fault report on myTOAS. Urgent faults concerning safety (fire alarms, electric and water fittings, pests, etc.) must be reported to the maintenance company by phone without delay.

Tenant Inspection Form

Washing machine installations

TOAS does not provide any personal washing machines or dishwashers but most of the apartments have connections ready. If you have a washing machine or a dishwasher, check the instructions on the caps! Keep in mind that if you receive a machine from the old tenant, you are responsible for the machine.

Sign in myTOAS

myTOAS will be activated once your tenancy agreement starts. On myTOAS you can check your agreement details, rental balance and book sauna and laundry shifts via Booking. If you have followed up your application online during the application process, you may sign in with the same username and password. If you don’t have Finnish online banking credentials or you are unable to use them for identification, please contact TOAS office for further instructions.

Connect the internet

In Ethernet-locations all you need is a cable. Once you connect your device with the cable, a registration page of Telia will appear on your browser. If the connection is already open or you can’t register, please call Telia customer service 0200 11611 (lnc/mcc). See also more information on the internet.

Change your address

Inform the postal service company Posti and Local Register Office of your new address by filling in the change of address form online. Also, remember to inform Kela regarding any changes in your living arrangements, so your benefits will be up to date. You don’t need to send a copy of the tenancy agreement when you apply for the general housing allowance. Kela can access your tenancy agreement details online.

Home insurance

Accidents might happen – for you or for your neighbor. Home insurance is mandatory for every tenant living in a TOAS apartment. Home insurance covers your property and the apartment in case of theft, sudden leak or any other damage.  Home insurance provides security in unexpected situations and we want to ensure that our tenants do not have to pay high costs in the event of an accident in the apartment.