Tenant activity

Collaboration between tenants and TOAS is the responsibility of location specific tenant committees, which are elected at tenant meetings.

The task of tenant committees

Tenant committees make decisions about using the funds granted for tenant activities, and together with the tenant committee advisory board, about common issues related to TOAS, such as the leveling of rent, rules and regulations and the election of tenant representatives to TOAS organs.

Many tenant committees organize their own events and evening entertainment for the tenant community, such as Christmas parties, barbecue parties and voluntary garden work. Clubrooms are intended for the tenants’ social activities, and tenant committees may obtain their own furniture, pool tables, beamers etc. for them.

You can find the contact information of your tenant committee at the noticeboard of your site.

The tenant activity activator

The tenant activity activator is a TOAS grant for the implementation of a project to improve living or community spirit. 1,500 Euros in grants are distributed annually as a general project grant and as an incentive grant. An incentive grant is awarded for high-quality tenant activity in general.

Any tenant may come up with an idea for a project or event to improve tenant activity. One may apply for a grant for all of the expenses of the project or a part of them.

The tenant committee advisory board will process applications twice a year. Applications for the spring must be submitted by the end of March and applications for the winter by the end of October.

The application can be a text document or maybe a video. The application must include information about the applicants, an idea and an estimate of cost. If a grant is awarded, a short report must be submitted on its implementation.

For more information about applying for a grant, contact your own tenant committee.


Tenants may use the TOAS gyms if one has been indicated to the location. Use of the gym requires a registration at TOAS office (excl. tenants of Tuulanhovi and Mikontalo who can enter with their own key).

The registration is valid until the end of the tenancy agreement in the particular location. The registration is personal, however all tenants of the same apartment may register. Using the gym is free of charge.

Tenants of TOAS may use the gyms according to the list below:


Domus (TOAS Uusi Domus, Pellervonkatu 9)

Kaleva, 160, 180, 217, 350, 960

Lapinkaari (TOAS Lapinkaari, Lapinkaari 1)

120, 130, 135, 145, 150, 170, 175, 190, 195, 205, 970

Mikkis (TOAS Mikontalo, Insinöörinkatu 60)

401, 420, 410, 411, 412, 480

Tuulanhovi (TOAS Tuulanhovi, Vaajakatu 5)