Fault reportVery Urgent Situations

Urgent fault reports are submitted directly to the property maintenance company by telephone. The maintenance company’s telephone service is available 24/7. The property maintenance company’s contact information is posted close to the entrance of your building and also on our website in the location information section.

In case of serious disturbance or emergency, call the emergency number 112.

Problems in Your Apartment?

Tenants are obligated to report faults as soon as they are detected. Here’s how and where you need to report different situations.

The estimated time frame for performing small non urgent maintenance repairs is 2-4 working days, with larger repairs it can take up to 2-3 weeks.

After submitting the fault report, the contractor will call you or send you a message. To avoid delays with the maintenance work, please answer the call or message.

Submit a fault report

Serious Problems – Call the Property Maintenance Company!

  • water leaks or the drain is not working
  • the whole apartment is without electricity
  • the lock to the apartment door is broken so that you cannot lock the apartment
  • vandalism
  • other similar serious issues

Minor Faults – Submit an Electronic Fault Report

  • the ventilation window or the balcony door does not close properly
  • faults on the surfaces or fittings of the apartment
  • faults in the machines and devices of the apartment
  • leaking water supply fittings (no risk of water damage)
  • you detect pests in the apartment or elsewhere in the building
  • faults in common areas, e.g. problems with the washing machine, a stairway light is broken
  • other similar faults

Who Will Fix This?

TOAS is responsible for

  • apartment inspections
  • disturbance reports
  • lost keys
  • tenancy-related matters

Improperly parked cars are managed through the eParking service:
info@eparking.fi, tel. +358 40 653 8556.

The tenant is responsible for

  • changing light bulbs
  • changing the fire alarm’s batteries
  • changing fuses
  • greasing hinges


These are things you can easily do yourself. If you can’t, ask a friendly neighbour to help!

Submit a fault report

Forgot Your Key?

During the housing office’s opening hours, you can borrow a spare key free of charge. At other times, call the maintenance company’s 24-hour service. The maintenance company charges a fee for opening the door according to its valid price list. Be prepared to prove your identity! The maintenance company’s contact information can be found close to the entrance of your building and also on our website in the location’s page.

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