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TOAS | Housing office and Administration
Iidesaukio 1, 33100 TAMPERE

Customer service 0800 95560 (Free of charge) (housing office) (property maintenance) (rental payment matters) (deposit affairs)

Opening hours

We will serve customers in the office in matters related to picking up keys Mon-Fri from 12 noon to 3.30 pm. Electronic services and telephone are normally open from 9 am to 3.30 pm.

On the first working day of each month TOAS office is open from 8.15 am to 3.30 pm.

NOTE! Only key pick ups from the office. All the other matters  can be handled through online services (email, telephone, chat, omaTOAS).

Exceptions to the normal opening hours are announced on the front page of our website. Welcome!

Housing office

Customer service tel. +358 800 95560 (dial 1)

Ylimäki, Pia (Housing Service Director) +358 3 2495 306
Heikkilä, Lauri
Jouti-Miettinen, Amanda
Korhonen, Artturi
Porko, Tiina
Pulkkinen, Venla
Ryhänen, Maija
Toikkonen, Eveliina

Finance and administration

Customer service tel. +358 800 95560 (dial 2)

Koski, Kirsi (Managing Director) +358 3 2495 308
Kivipelto, Jari (Financial Director) +358 3 2495 305
Puhakka, Juhani (Project Development Director) +358 3 2495 001
Alen, Pirjo
Helo, Maria
Järvinen Nina
Ojala, Elina
Pennanen, Jatta
Savolainen, Heli

Tampere Student Housing Foundation sr, business ID 0155634-2.

Invoicing details:
e-invoicing address: 003701556342
Operator: Maventa (operator ID 003721291126).

Property Maintenance

Customer service tel. +358 800 95560 (dial 3)

Ahonen, Jari (Property Director) +358 3 2495 024
Aalto, Aida
Karvonen, Julia
Mustajärvi, Jari
Puonti, Saara
Rajala, Veli-Matti
Ranta, Laura
Saarinen, Katja
Syvälä, Jussi
Wallenius, Otto

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