Need help?TOAS’s tenant counsellor can help you with various issues related to your tenancy.

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You can turn to TOAS’s tenant counsellor if you are having difficulties with, for example, your neighbours, but they can also help you with bigger challenges in life. The counsellor makes an overall assessment of the situation with you. The aim is to find a solution that enables you to continue living in a TOAS apartment, comfortably and conveniently.

The sooner you address the problem, the easier it is to resolve it.

Often, minor adjustments are all you need. Even if you are having rent payment problems, our tenant counselor can help you apply for financial support. When necessary, we refer you to other services to help you resolve bigger problems.

Normal sounds of living

According to the Finnish Real Estate Federation (FREF), normal sounds related to living include for example showering, babies crying, children playing, occasional bumps, cleaning and the sound of washing machines.

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