In Need of a Home ASAP?We have some apartments available right away. Let's see what we can do for you!

How to Apply?

  • Email applications only:
  • Write ”Quickly available” and the desired location as the message title, for example: ” Quickly available / Karinkaari”
  • Make sure to add your contact information
  • You are required to have an existing application to the same apartment type
  • Apply only if you are ready to accept the apartment offer immediately
  • Your application will be deleted once you receive our offer
  • The agreement starts immediately or on the announced date

Who Is Eligible to Apply?

Quickly available apartments are immediately vacant or they will be available at short notice. TOAS has offered the apartments on the basis of the queue but, since a tenancy agreement has not been made, also applicants who are not yet at the top of the queue may apply for these apartments.

We prioritize applicants who are not currently living at TOAS.

The applicant must be able to enter into the agreement immediately. If you already live in another TOAS apartment and apply for a quickly available apartment, you have the normal notice period of  one (1) calendar month) in your current tenancy agreement. This means that you will pay double rents.

If there are several applicants interested in the same apartment, the offer will be sent to the applicant who has the oldest application. You may see the apartment only after you have received an offer. We will reply to you email only, if we can offer the apartment to you. The announced apartment will be listed on this site until a tenancy agreement has been signed for it.

The apartments do not have any furniture (bed, table, chair). If there is an apartment with furniture on this list, it will be mentioned with a “FURNISHED”– text.

Apartments updated 22 September 2022

Tenancy agreements beginning immediately

Location Apartment type Square meters Floor Rent €/month

Tenancy agreements beginning 1.10.

Location Apartment type Square meters Floor Rent €/month

Tenancy agreements beginning 1.11.

Location Apartment type Square meters Floor Rent €/month
Pinja 1 room, shared kitchen, shower/wc, FAMILY, FURNISHED. NOTE: Contract max until 31.5.2023. There is a restaurant in the ground floor of the building, that may cause some noise disturbance to this room. 40 3. 490,72 + 30

Facility Usage Fee0

  • single person facility usage fee 20 €/month
  • family apartment facility usage fee 30 €/month
  • single person facility usage fee (furnished room, International Application) 45 €/month
  • family apartment facility usage fee (furnished apartment, International Application) 55 €/month

Basic rents without the facility usage fee for each location and apartment type can be found in Apartments.