Living at TOASWe provide affordable homes for an active student lifestyle.

60 Years of Student Life

We know that no two students are alike: they differ in life situation, habits, hobbies and needs. We do your best to provide quality student housing for each.

We value your privacy, but also provide common areas for cooking, relaxing and socialising. Our rent level is affordable, about 25% lower than in the private market.

Beware, you might even find a lifelong friend or a spouse!

Before you jump into student life, we recommend you get to know our rules and policies.

myTOAS – Tenant’s Portal

myTOAS is a platform for tenants to find their tenancy agreement, rental invoices, payment information and location information. At myTOAS you can make laundry and sauna reservations via TOASbooking.

To register as a user, you need to have a valid tenancy agreement. When registering, please choose the tab TUPAS (digital authentication method) and fill in the required bank information. After that you can create a user ID and password for the service to use for logging in. Note! myTOAS is only for the tenants of TOAS. If you don’t have a tenancy agreement, you may follow your application here.

The user ID must be a valid email address as the verification email will be sent to that email address.

Forgot Your Key?

During the housing office’s opening hours, you can borrow a spare key free of charge. At other times, call the maintenance company’s 24-hour service. The maintenance company charges a fee for opening the door according to its valid price list. Be prepared to prove your identity! The maintenance company’s contact information can be found close to the entrance of your building and also on our website in the location’s page.

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