Waiting for an apartmentIt may take some time to get the home you are looking for. Be patient and take care of your application! Note: This content doesn't apply to International applications, only to the regular application.

During Your Time Waiting for an Apartment

  • You can modify the regular application as much as you want: delete locations or add them later to your application.
  • If you add a new location to your application, you will be placed in the system according to the date when the application was originally submitted.
  • If you wish to modify your application, do not submit a new application (it will replace your original application and you will start the waiting from the beginning).
  • Your position in the system is determined by the date the application was registered in the TOAS system.
  • The waiting time depends on the availability and is different for each location.
  • TOAS checks the credit history of each applicant before sending the accommodation offer
  • Your credit history may affect to your chances of getting accommodation.

The application is Valid for Three Months at a Time

Please note that the waiting time varies a lot in different areas and in different locations. If you do not renew your application before the expiration date, it will expire on its own and you will be removed from the system. Expired applications will not be returned.

Follow up Your Application

Register with TUPAS (Finnish online bank credentials) and then a user ID and password for signing in. Please check with your bank that you can use your bank credentials for identification. If you do not have the required bank credentials, please contact TOAS for further information. If you already have a valid tenancy agreement with TOAS, you may follow up your applications online at myTOAS. The Tupas authentication service is the most common method for secure online identification.

Follow up and edit your application (without a current rental agreement with TOAS)

Follow up and edit your application (when you already have a rental agreement with TOAS)

Next Up: Receiving the Offer

Application on Hold

You may request TOAS to put your application on hold for a justified reason such as exchange studies, an internship related to your studies or military or civil service. You must ask for it immediately when the reason has been confirmed, e.g. before your exchange semester starts. You must present a certificate on the reason for putting your application on hold. A summer job is not considered a justified reason.

Your application will continue to be in the queue as normal, but you will not receive an offer while it is on hold.

You cannot follow the application online or modify it before the application has been activated again. It can be on hold only temporarily but no longer than at the end of your exchange studies/internship/military service. Remember to ask TOAS office to activate your application before the expiration date.