Rental Payments and Tenancy AgreementBefore moving in, let's sort out payment and get some paperwork done. Note: This content is for agreements applied via the Regular application.

Tenancy Agreement

  • The tenancy agreement is a proof of your tenancy. It binds both the tenant and the lessor throughout the tenancy period.
  • Read the agreement and it’s terms carefully in order to understand your rights and duties.
  • The agreement includes information on the lessor and tenant, details of the apartment as well as the amount of rent and deposit. If you apply for the financial aid for students from KELA, you need to deliver to KELA a copy of your tenancy agreement.
  • Normally the tenancy agreement is made as an open-ended agreement, without a specific end date. The agreement is valid until either party terminates it.
  • You have the right to stay in the apartment as long you are a full-time student in Tampere and complete at least 20 credits per year.
  • After the graduation, the tenant may stay in the apartment one year. Tenancy agreement might also be fixed-term. This means that the ending date has been specified in advance. A fixed-term agreement ends without a separate termination.

Rental Payments

The monthly rent and facility usage fee are given in the tenancy agreement. The basic rent and facility usage fee together comprise the total monthly rent. Remember to pay the rent throughout the tenancy.

The deadline for paying the rent is the 6th day of each month.

Together with the tenancy agreement, you will receive a rental invoice that contains all necessary details for the rental payment. Use your personal reference number when paying the rent. If the rent is paid late, TOAS will charge overdue interest and an additional administration fee. You can also have the rental invoice directed to your online bank account. Make sure this service service is activated!

If you pay from a foreign country and your main currency is something other than Euro, you can use TOAS-transfermate


Parking spaces are rented and paid on eParking service.

Basic rent includes water usage, heating and other maintenance costs.

Ready to Move In?

What's Included in the Facility Usage Fee?

The facility usage fee includes electricity. Sauna, laundry and internet connection are free of charge. The tenant can also rent a parking space. A separate agreement is signed at the TOAS office, and the rental fee for the parking space will be added to the rental invoice.

Facility Usage Fees

  • single person facility usage fee 20 €/month
  • family apartment facility usage fee 30 €/month
  • single person facility usage fee (furnished room, International Application) 45 €/month
  • family apartment facility usage fee (furnished apartment, International Application) 55 €/month

Basic rents without the facility usage fee for each location and apartment type can be found in Apartments.

Car Parking Fees

  • car parking space 10 €/month
  • car parking space (city centre, Kaleva, Velinterassit) 15 €/month
  • covered car parking space 15 €/month
  • covered car parking space (Kaleva) 20 €/month
  • car parking space in a parking hall and garage 45 €/month
  • car parking space in a parking hall (city centre) 55 €/month
  • car parking space in a parking hall (Hervanta) 40 €/month