Time to Move ForwardWe hope you enjoyed your stay. Let's check a few things before saying goodbye.

Ending Your Tenancy Agreement and Moving Out

If not stated otherwise in the agreement, tenancy agreements are open ended. When the tenant gives notice, the notice period is one (1) calendar month (Act on Residential Leases).

The one-month period is calculated from the last day of the month in which notice was given (e.g. if you wish your agreement to end on 30 April, you must give notice at the latest on 31 March). If you do not receive a confirmation of the giving notice, please contact TOAS office without delay!

The tenancy agreement may also be for a fixed term. The agreement will end as stated in the agreement.

Note that fixed-term agreements cannot be ended before the stated end date.

The Giving Notice

Giving notice can be done in person at TOAS office, or by delivering the giving notice form to TOAS office. The form must be filled in correctly and signed by all tenants. The form may be sent to TOAS by mail or email. Note that you cannot give notice to the agreement over the phone!

All tenants of a family flat must sign the giving notice. The giving notice will be confirmed only once all tenants have signed it.

Remember to terminate your internet connection by calling the Telia customer service on 0200 11611 (lnc/mcc).


Returning Your Keys

Keys must always be returned to TOAS office after your tenancy agreement has ended. The deadline for returning the keys is the moving day, which is the first working day after your agreement has ended. For example: If your agreement ends on 31 March, the key must be returned on 1 April. If the moving day is a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, the moving day is the next working day.

You can return the keys also outside TOAS’ office hours.

Put the keys in an envelope and write your name and your old TOAS address on the envelope. Leave the envelope in the box next to the TOAS office door. Do not leave the keys in the apartment. If the maintenance company has to get the keys from the apartment, the tenant will be charged for this. It is not recommended to send the keys to TOAS via post.

If the keys are lost in the mail, the tenant is responsible for the charges caused.

Giving the Keys Directly to the Next Tenant

If the new tenant of your apartment contacts you, you can also give the keys directly to them. In this case, you must fill in the key transfer agreement with the new tenant.

Deliver the key transfer agreement to TOAS office at the latest on the moving day.

Please note that when collecting the keys directly from the previous tenant, you accept the cleanliness of the apartment. That is, TOAS will not clean the apartment afterwards if you have already collected the keys in advance and moved in.

If the keys are returned late, the tenant moving out will be charged for this. If the tenant does not return all keys or has made extra copies of the keys, TOAS may change the lock to the apartment and charge the tenant moving out.

Final Inspection

Take sufficient time to clean the apartment before moving out. To make sure the cleanliness meets TOAS requirements, read our instructions for the final cleaning. TOAS will always conduct a final inspection when a tenant moves out.

For the final inspection the apartments are entered with the master key.

Studios and family apartments are inspected normally on the moving day (first working day following the end of the tenancy). If the cleanliness and condition of the apartment do not correspond to the TOAS requirements, the costs for cleaning or repair work will be charged to the vacating tenants.

Shared apartments are inspected twice during the last month of the tenancy. The first inspection will be performed starting from the 15th day of the month. The common areas will also be inspected. If the inspector notices the room or common areas require extra cleaning, the inspector will leave a cleaning order for the tenants.

The re-inspection will be performed on the moving day (first working day following the end of the tenancy). If the cleanliness and condition of the bedroom do not correspond to the TOAS requirements, the costs for cleaning or repair work will be charged to the vacating tenant.

If the cleanliness and condition of the common areas do not correspond to the TOAS requirements, the costs will be charged to all tenants.

If the tenancy agreement exceptionally ends in the middle of the month, the inspection will be arranged immediately after the end of the agreement. A tenancy agreement can be terminated without a termination period if the TOAS tenant changes their apartment to another TOAS apartment and that apartment is immediately available or becomes available in the middle of the month.

Deposit Refund

The deposit will be refunded approx. within one (1) month after the tenancy agreement has ended, provided that the tenant has paid all the rents and other fees as well as fulfilled other liabilities and the final inspection has been approved.


Remember to cancel the internet connection by calling Telia: 0200 11611 (lnc/mcc). Otherwise, the connection remains open under your name. If the next tenant uses the connection illegally, the you might be held responsible for those actions.

That’s all. We hope you enjoyed your stay!