Sustainable HousingWe are committed to observing environmental values with regard to the use, maintenance and acquisition of properties. TOAS has been granted the Green Office label by WWF.

Sustainable principles

Our operations are based on ecological, cultural, social and financial factors. Principles applied in all of our activities include minimising the use of energy and materials, avoiding waste generation and maximal reuse of waste, minimising water consumption and making waste water as harmless as possible, minimising emissions into the air, showing respect towards natural values and locations of architectural or culture-historical value, as well as contributing to an urban structure with a high standard of comfort, safety and visual landscape.

Continuous activity for the good of the environment

We are committed to continuously improving our own actions, providing counselling and sharing information with regard to leading a sustainable way of life and respecting the environment. This is done within our environmental programme that is continuously updated.

Renewable energy

We use electricity generated from bioenergy, windpower and hydropower. Based on the Guarantee of origin of electricity from renewable sources, which is outlined in the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive, we can be sure that the electricity we use is fully generated using renewable sources.

We are a Green Office

We have been working with environmental friendliness in mind for a long time. The Green Office label granted by WWF indicates that we observe an environmental management system designed for offices, which enables us to decrease the office’s ecological footprint and reduce our CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions.

We provide electronic services for tenants and applicants and use e-invoicing for our sales, rental and purchase invoices. In addition to these efforts, we strive to continuously reduce our paper consumption and take environmental aspects into consideration in our purchases.