Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for applicants

How can I follow my application?
I have technical problems with my application. What’s wrong?
If I modify my application, will I be the last in the queue again?
I’m going abroad for exchange studies/to the army. Can I put my application on hold?
When will I receive an offer?
Why am I going backwards in the queue?
Why can’t I state the start date of tenancy in the application?

FAQ for tenants


I have lost my key. What should I do?
I locked myself out. What can I do?

Rent and Deposit

Can you return the deposit to my bank account even though my father paid it?
I moved out but haven’t received my deposit back. Why?
I paid my rent late and I received a reminder afterwards. What shall I do?
I paid my rent two days after the due date. Do I need to pay something extra?
I paid my rent without my personal reference number. What should I do?
I paid the rent twice this month. What should I do?

Repairs and Renovation

Can I install a dishwasher or a washing machine in my apartment?
How do I report a fault?
How do the radiators function? Can I adjust them by myself?
It’s cold in my apartment. What should I do?
May I attach paintings, bookshelves, mirrors etc. on the wall?
May I install a peephole or an extra lock on the apartment door?
May I make renovations in the apartment?
Should I have a home insurance? Who pays for the damages?
Taking good care of the apartment is one of the duties of the tenant. What does this mean?

Tenancy Agreement and Giving Notice

How I can get a car parking lot?
I have graduated. How long may I live in my TOAS apartment?
May I subrent my apartment during my summerjob/exchange studies?
My neighbor is causing problems. What can I do?
When and how can I use the sauna and laundry room?

Your tenancy

Can I influence what goes on in the building?
How can I protect myself against damage?
How do I get my name on the list of tenants?
How is waste management arranged?
How should I make a change of address?
What is my building’s rescue plan like?