Ways to ApplyNotice: you can apply with only one of these applications. You can apply for a furnished room or with the regular application you can apply for an unfurnished apartment.

Application period for furnished rooms.

The application for furnished rooms is now closed. The next application period for furnished rooms will open in May 2024 for Autumn semester 2024. The new students accepted for Autumn semester 2024 will then be the priority with this application.
(No family apartments offered with the furnished apartments-application. If we have any furnished family apartments available, they will be listed on the Quickly available-site.)


NOTICE: You can apply only with one of these application types!

If you submit both application types 1 and 2, the second application will delete the first one. 

1. Furnished rooms

READ THE APPLICATION AND OFFER INFORMATION first, apply then, link found at the end of the application info page.
The application period for furnished rooms for Spring semester 2024 is now closed.
This application can be submitted after receiving the acceptance to the university or an educational institution in Tampere.
Exchange students: you can apply even if you have not received the confirmation from the study place.

Please notice, that once you accept the offer, it becomes a binding agreement. You are then responsible for the rental payments, even if you are not in Finland.

If you have a wished building or a friend you wish to stay with, write that also on the “wishes” box on the application. No wishes can be added after submitting the application.

List of locations that have furnished rooms
Tenancy agreement and rent.
What to do when you move in to the apartment.

NOTICE: one person per room with this application – no couples and families applying with this application! If you are coming with a spouse or a child, you must apply only with the “Regular“-application for the mainly unfurnished apartments. If we have any furnished family apartments available, they will be listed on the Quickly available-site


How to apply for a furnished room

2. Our Regular Application Process

No need for a furnished apartment? Coming with a family or a spouse? Proceed to applying! (NOTICE: this application can be submitted only after receiving the acceptance to the university or an educational institution.) With this application the rooms are unfurnished.
Notice: the waiting time for an unfurnished studio is at least 6 months or more. A room in a shared apartment is the easiest and fastest to get, except during the Summer and Fall.

Not recommended for new exchange and degree students, as the rooms are mainly unfurnished.

Our Regular Application Process

3. Short-term residency

You can apply for the short-term residency rooms here. Notice, that the tenancy agreement will be made max until 31.7.2024, and the agreement can’t be extended after that.

Read more about short-term residency and how to apply for a short-term apartment.

Notice that you can apply with only one of these application types.

Take Note!

  • You may apply with only ONE of these application types (see above). If you have submitted several applications, only the last one submitted will remain in the system.
  • Students applying with the regular application must be accepted to a university or educational institution in Tampere.
  • Make sure to have your passport number or EU identification number available when submitting the International application, as they will be required.
  • Furnished apartment means a room with a bed, a mattress, a table, a chair and a bookshelf.
  • Once you have paid the deposit, the reservation is a binding agreement. If your studies in Tampere are cancelled, contact TOAS immediately!

Apartment types

A room in a shared apartment

each tenant has their own bedroom, a shared kitchen and a shared bathroom with two to four persons of the same gender.

Shared room

a tenant will share the bedroom with another student of same gender

Single room

might have a personal bathroom or a shared bathroom and a shared kitchen.

If coming with a spouse or your family, apply only for the family apartments with the Regular application.

Apartment Types