DIY: Laundry and dishwashing machine caps for the water inlets and outlets


When you move into a TOAS apartment, please make sure that the plugs on the laundry and dishwashing machine water in- and outlet hoses are in good condition. It is the tenants responsibility to screw in place the plugs of the inlets and outlets, and this should be recorded in the tenant inspection form.

In particular, when you detach the laundry and dishwashing machine, you must cap the inlets and outlets yourself. In practice, this involves capping the water intake and outlet hose ends in order to prevent water from leaking from the open hose ends into the cupboard or floor. You can purchase caps at hardware stores in case they are not available in the apartment. You can also contact the maintenance company of your house.

You should always order the installation of a dishwashing machine from a professional and retain the receipt for any damages. Also, remember to close the tap of the laundry machine when you are not using it.

Watch a video created by the Turku Student Village Foundation for instructions on capping the water intake and outtake hose of a dishwashing machine.