Services for a Better Student LifeLiving at TOAS is affordable. We also provide free internet and other fairly priced services.

Services included in the rent

TOAS rent includes free internet, laundry and sauna shifts and use of the gym. The usage fee includes electricity.

You can find more information about our free services under Your Tenancy.

Parking spaces

Tenants can rent a parking space at some of our locations. See the Apartments page for details. Parking places at TOAS locations are rented electronically via the eParking service. The parking fee is paid in the eParking service. 

If you wish to rent a parking space from an eParking enabled location, you must first apply for the right to reserve a parking space based on the address. More information on renting a parking space.

When making new parking space agreement, the key for the heating pole or a possible access pass to a parking hall will be collected from the TOAS office in Iidesranta. A right for a parking space is proved by showing a reservation on eParking.

Once the contract ends, the tenant must return the pole key and possible other parking permissions to TOAS office, at the latest by midday (12:00) the following working day after the agreement has ended. For unreturned keys and/or parking permissions a separate fee will be charged.

Contact eParking in the following cases:

  • matters related to the rental of a parking space
  • parking space bills
  • termination of the parking space
  • someone parked in your place
  • someone parked on the rescue road / otherwise in the wrong place

Contact TOAS:

  • collecting heating pole keys / passes / parking hall cards
  • lost or broken keys / passes / parking hall cards
  • heating pole broken or other fault in the parking area (submit a fault report)

Note! The parking space’s winter maintenance is the reposibility of the person renting it. After using the heating pole, the heating cables must be disconnected. The lid of the heating pole should be closed and locked when it is not in use, if locking is possible.

If a temporary tenant or subtenant wishes to rent a parking space, they must register for eParking service. eParking then confirms their right to rent a parking space at a tenant price with TOAS .

Although the parking space rental is via eParking, TOAS is still the renter of the parking spaces. In the event of any malfunctions, fault reports will be made through OmaTOAS as usual.

More information: eParking customer service, Tel. +358 40 653 8556 or TOAS Housing Office:, Tel. 0800 95560

If the location has not yet moved to the eParking service, a separate agreement for the parking space is signed at the TOAS office, and the rental fee for the parking space will be added to the rental invoice.

Parking Fees

  • car parking space 12 €/month
  • car parking space (city centre, Kaleva, Velinterassit) 20 €/month
  • covered car parking space 20 €/month
  • covered car parking space (Kaleva) 25€/month
  • car parking space in a parking hall and carage 50 €/month
  • car parking space in a parking hall (city centre) 60€/month
  • car parking space in a parking hall (Hervanta) 45€/month

Sending an encrypted email

If you need to send us an encrypted email, for example because of personal or sensitive information or attachments, you can do it from this link.

Shared Cars

Our tenants can rent a Volkswagen e-Up (located in Kaleva, available 24/7), Volkswagen ID.3 (located in Hervanta, available 24/7) or Volkswagen ID.4 (located in Iidesranta, available Mon-Fri 4pm-7am, Sat-Sun 24h) cars or Toyota Proace EV van (located in Iidesranta, available 24/7) for their own needs with the Omago Private -service. We have four automatic transmission electric cars of which one is a van. The cars can be found in the parking area of TOAS Heikintorni (Iidesaukio 1), TOAS Kalevan Keihäs (Sarvijaakonkatu 18) and TOAS Tuulanhovi (Vaajakatu 5). Cars can only be booked for domestic drives.

To book a car, you must register as a user for Omago Private. See instructions on how to book a car.

Prices for sedans: 8 €/h or 50€/day (over 7h reservation)

Prices for van: 12 €/h or 72 €/day (over 6h reservation)

The cars’ driving range is approximately 200-40 km with a full battery depending on the car. Charging at the car’s home place does not cost the user anything but is included in the price. Charging elsewhere is at the user’s own expense.

Omago’s customer service helps 24/7:
020 127 7799 or

Hakonen's appliance installing service

Hakonen offers TOAS’ tenants installation and removal services of washing machines.

Ordering the service
You can easily order the installation service by sending e-mail to
The e-mail will be answered and the customer will receive inspection instructions that include things to consider before ordering the installation.

Hakonen customer service:
020 160 5140 (weekdays 8 am–4 pm)

Service prices (euro, VAT 24%):
Dishwasher installation / removal service 86.80 e
Safety tray installed under the dishwasher 18.60 e
Washing machine installation / removal service 60.00 e
Dryer installation 50.00 e
Washing tower (washing machine + dryer) 100.00 e
Inspection visit 43.40 e

The tenant is responsible for ensuring that the apartment has the necessary connections and cabinet pass-throughs, and that any cabinet in place of the washing machine has been dismantled before ordering the installation. Water pipe extensions, fittings and other such materials will be invoiced separately. An unnecessary inspection visit will be invoiced according to the attached price list.

Cabinet pass-throughs and dismantling
If you need help with the cabinet pass-throughs or removing the cabinet for the washing machine, you can inquire about the schedule and prices for the work in question from TOAS’s partner Maalaus J. Pääsky by e-mail at