Services for a Better Student LifeLiving at TOAS is affordable. We also provide free internet and other fairly priced services.

Free Internet

A free of charge Internet connection available for all TOAS tenants.

In most locations, the connection is a 100/100 Mbit/s* Ethernet.

Remember to bring your own network cable. In some locations the connection is VDSL2, for which a WiFi modem can be found in the apartment. The locations with VDSL2 connection are 200 (blocks B–E), 205, 260, 460, 495, 496, 510, 520, 610, 730.

TOAS does not provide a router for the Ethernet locations. If you wish to have WiFi, please bring your own router.

* 10/10 Mbit/s  in locations Vanha Domus B-E, Rauhaniemi, Ankkari, Kanjoni, Veikkolat, Lukonlysti, Lukonkruuti, Leenanlinna and Kaisanpirtit.


Using the internet is free of charge but requires a registration to the service provider Telia. When moving out, make sure you cancel the internet connection by calling to the same number.

Problems with the Internet?

General problems with the connection and fault reports, local network charge or mobile call charge.


myTOAS is a platform for tenants to find their tenancy agreement, rental invoices, payment information and location information.

At myTOAS, you can make laundry and sauna reservations via TOASbooking.

To register as a user, you need to have a valid tenancy agreement. When registering, please choose the tab TUPAS (digital authentication method) and fill in the required bank information. After that you can create a user ID and password for the service to use for logging in. The user ID must be a valid email address as the verification email will be sent to that email address.

The verification email includes a link you need to follow in order to complete the registration.

If you do not receive the verification email, please contact TOAS at Check your junk mail as well. Once you have logged in to the service, please check your personal information and update your contact email and phone number.

NOTE! If you do not have a personal ID number (Finnish social security number), you have not given it to us, or you cannot use TUPAS authentication method for some reason, please contact us by email at to get instructions on how to register to myTOAS!

Car Sharing

Our tenants can rent a Renault Zoe-car for their own needs at any hour of the day with the Secto Yhteisauto -service. Our three automatic transmission cars can be found in the parking area of TOAS Heikintorni (Iidesaukio 1), TOAS Kalevan Keihäs (Sarvijaakonkatu 18) and TOAS Tuulanhovi (Vaajakatu 5).

To lease a car, you must register as a user for Secto Yhteiskäyttö

  1. Go to Secto Yhteiskäyttö’s webpage with your phone or computer browser
  2. Fill in the TOAS tenants’ code: TOASeasyliving.
  3. Create the user and fill in the information asked
  4. The system will send you a notification for your email about creating the new user successfully
  5. Sign in to Secto Yhteiskäyttö service at

Secto Yhteiskäyttö is an online service that works on every terminal device and mobile phone. All you need is an internet connection.

Secto Tiepalvelu (road service)
In the event of an accident or interruption of your journey for other reasons, the Secto Road Service will be available 24 hours a day. If the situation cannot be fixed over the phone, a professional will be sent there to assist.
Tel. 020 792 4311,

Driveco technical support Tel. 0500 798 534


  • 15 mins -> 1 h = 8 e
  • 1 h -> 2 h = 15 e
  • 2 h -> 4 h = 25 e
  • 4 h -> 10 h = 35 e
  • 10 h -> 24 h = 50 e

The car’s driving range is approximately 200 km with a full battery. Charging at the car’s home place does not cost the user anything but is included in the price.

Car Park

Tenants can rent a parking space at some of our locations. See the Apartments page for details. Parking places at TOAS locations will be rented electronically on the eParking service in the future. Current parking placeses will be added to the eParking service and the users will be contacted about the actions they are required to take. After the change, the parking fee will be paid in the eParking service, so the parking fee will be removed from the rental invoice. The change to eParking will happen in a few locations at a time. The locations that have been moved to eParking are Ritvanranta, Kirstinranta, Pirkonranta, Raunonlinna, Heikintorni, Timontalot, Lukonkierikka, Lukonlysti, Lukonkruuti, Sepontalo, Annala, Iso-Heikkilä and Kaisanpirtit, Rantalinna, Trikootalo, Messukylä, Rautapelto, Janka, Männikkö, Leenanlinna and Lapinkaari.

If you wish to rent a parking space from an eParking enabled location, you must first apply for the right to reserve a parking space based on the address. More information on renting a parking space.

When making new parking space agreement, the key for the heating pole or a possible access pass to a parking hall will be collected from the TOAS office in Iidesranta. A right for a parking space is proved by showing a reservation on eParking.

If the tenant has a temporary tenant or a sub-tenant, the TOAS tenant must register for the service and add the other as a parallel user. Billing is via TOAS tenant.

Although the parking spce rental is moving to eParking, TOAS is still the renter of the parking spaces. In the event of any malfunctions, fault reports will be made through OmaTOAS as usual.

More information: eParking customer service, Tel. +358 40 653 8556 or TOAS Housing Office:, Tel. 0800 95560

If the location has not yet moved to the eParking service, a separate agreement for the parking space is signed at the TOAS office, and the rental fee for the parking space will be added to the rental invoice.

Parking Fees

  • car parking space 10 €/month
  • car parking space (city centre, Kaleva, Velinterassit) 15 €/month
  • covered car parking space 15 €/month
  • covered car parking space (Kaleva) 20€/month
  • car parking space in a parking hall and carage 45 €/month
  • car parking space in a parking hall (city centre) 55€/month
  • car parking space in a parking hall (Hervanta) 40€/month


Tenants may use the TOAS gyms free of charge if one has been indicated at the location. Register as a user at the TOAS office (excl. tenants of Tuulanhovi and Mikontalo who can enter with their own key).

The registration is valid until the end of the tenancy agreement at the particular location. The registration is personal; however, all tenants in the same apartment may register.

Tenants of TOAS may use the gyms according to the list below:

Domus (TOAS Uusi Domus, Pellervonkatu 9)
Kaleva, 160, 180, 217, 350, 960

Lapinkaari (TOAS Lapinkaari, Lapinkaari 1
120, 130, 135, 145, 150, 170, 175, 190, 195, 205, 970

Mikkis (TOAS Mikontalo, Insinöörinkatu 60)
401, 420, 410, 411, 412, 480

Tuulanhovi (TOAS Tuulanhovi, Vaajakatu 5)

Paint Your Butt Off

We at TOAS want you to have all the possibilities to make your TOAS Rauhaniemi or Veikkola apartment your home. Jussi from TOAS Property Maintenance has arranged a free of charge student’s painting set for you in the hardware store K-Rauta in Kaukajärvi!

If you wish to do some painting in your flat, do as follows:

1. rent a room or an apartment in TOAS Rauhaniemi (location 205) or Veikkolat (495-496)

2. contact Jussi at with the title “Jussi’s painting set” and give your name, address and mention the walls you want to paint. Jussi will send you back more information by email!

3. start painting your butt off!

You can paint all the walls except those in the bathroom and toilet. You can choose the color yourself. The painting set includes all the necessary equipment.

Of course, we at TOAS want to see the end result, so take before and after pictures and post them to TOAS social media and tag us.

The campaign does not include furnished apartments or rooms.