Receiving the Apartment OfferYou have received our offer. Read here, how to accept it. Note: This content doesn't apply to International applications, only for the regular application.

Offer Received, What’s Next?

When you are next for an available apartment and there is an apartment that matches your application, you will receive an apartment offer by email. When you receive the offer, your application is deleted from the system regardless of whether you accept the offer or not.

Note that you cannot determine when the rental agreement begins or the apartment becomes vacant. The apartments are offered after the previous tenant has terminated their contract and the new one begins immediately after the previous one expires.

A deposit is required (except for no deposit apartments), even if you move from one TOAS apartment to another. You will also need to prove your studies when a new agreement is signed. TOAS will not sign a new tenancy agreement with you if you have unpaid rent in your current agreement. Our deposit fees are €200 for shared apartments, €300 for studios and €500 for family apartments.

Accepting the Offer

To accept the offer you need to deliver the following documents to TOAS by the given deadline:

  • the preliminary agreement
  • a receipt of the deposit payment, a print screen photo of online payment is also acceptable
  • a certificate of your studies (max. 3 months old) or a student card with a valid sticker or a recent student acceptance letter
  • a valid certificate of absence from your educational institution
  • a certificate of pregnancy or clarification of the number of children moving in (e.g. copy of children’s KELA cards)
  • if you need more time to send the documents, contact  TOAS office before the expiration date

About the Offer

Normally, the tenancy agreements are made as an open-ended agreements which means that there is no end date for the agreement. It is valid as long as you have the right to tenancy based on your studies. When you wish to move out, the termination period is one full calendar month.

Take Note!

  • In order to wait for another apartment again, you must submit a new application
  • If you already live in a TOAS apartment, remember to terminate your current agreement.
  • TOAS checks the credit history of each applicant before sending the accommodation offer
  • Your credit history may affect to your chances of getting accommodation

Next Up: Tenancy Agreement and Rental Payments