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Shared apartments cleaned on TOAS’ tab

In the autumn, we’ll be doing a trial where the shared apartments in a few locations will be cleaned regularly, and the cleaning will be paid for by TOAS. By doing this, we are looking to make living in our shared apartments more comfortable and ensure that everyone’s living conditions are good. As a result, roommates will be able to focus on having fun together instead of needing to think about cleaning schedules.

This trial involves the shared apartments in Pellavapää and Tekniikantornit. TOAS will contact the residents the trial applies to over the summer and provide more information about when and how the trial will be carried out. So stay tuned!

Jussi's paint set - Paint Your Butt Off

We at TOAS want you to have all the possibilities to make your TOAS Rauhaniemi or Veikkola apartment your home. Jussi from TOAS Property Maintenance has arranged a free of charge student’s painting set for you in the hardware store K-Rauta in Kaukajärvi!

If you wish to do some painting in your flat, do as follows:

1. rent a room or an apartment in TOAS Rauhaniemi (location 205) or Veikkolat (495-496)

2. contact Jussi at with the title “Jussi’s painting set” and give your name, address and mention the walls you want to paint. Jussi will send you back more information by email!

3. start painting your butt off!

You can paint all the walls except those in the bathroom and toilet. You can choose the color yourself. The painting set includes all the necessary equipment.

Of course, we at TOAS want to see the end result, so take before and after pictures and post them to TOAS social media and tag us.

The campaign does not include furnished apartments or rooms.