Is your apartment cold?

You can feel the cold winds of fall even in your apartment now, especially when the weather is humid. The apartment temperatures change depending on outdoor temperatures, and heating is adjusted during cold weather, so that the indoor temperature reaches the recommended standard of +21 °C.

We monitor the temperatures through a remote system. Most of our locations have some indoor thermometers that send information to the monitoring centre. The monitoring centre is alerted of changes in temperature and charts the situation accordingly.

Is your apartment cold? Start by and measuring your room temperatures from the middle of the room around 120–150 cm above ground. The radiator is not malfunctioning, even if it does not feel hot during the heating period (September–April).

Tips on how to check the radiators

  1. If the pipe leading into the radiator is warm but the radiator is cold:
    The valve is shut or blocked. Rotate the thermostat back and forth a couple times and leave it on at full power. Check again after a few hours. If the radiator is still cold, make a fault report.
  2. If the radiator is making bubbling noises:
    The radiator has air in it, submit a fault report.
  3. If the radiator is cold:
    Check whether the thermostat has a curtain in front of it or if a computer or some other device is blowing warm air directly into it. Remember that your apartment may have the recommended temperature, even if the radiator does not feel hot.

Other problems with heating:
Submit a fault report through myTOAS or call your property maintenance company.