Are you moving out of your TOAS home?

May is the busiest time for moving out at TOAS. The staff working with property management and rent matters is working at full speed to return the deposits of every resident on time. The best thing you can do to help things along is to take care of your apartment’s final cleaning. For more information, see the “Final Cleaning: Instructions and Fees” guide on our website: Final Cleaning. Remember to also make sure that your bank account information is in order for returning the deposit. Good luck with the move!

Moving day, the actual day of your move

Moving day can cause a lot of trouble for people moving in and out. The process is very physically and mentally taxing, and busyness and all kinds of scheduling are almost always a part of it. What’s more, you have to think about the final inspection and arrange returning your keys to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

The notice period for a tenancy agreement is one calendar month as stipulated in the Act on Residential Leases. Therefore, if you submit your notice, e.g., on 31 May at the latest, your tenancy agreement will be terminated on 30 June and your moving-out day will be 1 July. If 1 July falls on a weekend or a midweek holiday, the moving-out day will be the next working day. This means that the person moving out has at least one month to make preparations for moving out. On the moving-in day, the new resident can also get their keys from TOAS’s Housing Office first thing in the morning. For the move to go smoothly, it is essential that the person moving out takes care of their final cleaning in advance and starts moving everything out early on the morning of the move. Because the notice period is one calendar month, the moving day should not be a surprise to anyone.

The moving day is the same day for the person moving in and the person moving out. This means that it is entirely possible for there to be some overlap in moving in and out. On the moving day, the resident moving out must assign one half of the apartment for use by the new resident. In other words, there must be enough space in the apartment for the new resident’s belongings. Moving clearly requires flexibility, planning and a positive attitude to go well.

Are you staying in a shared apartment, even though your roommate is moving out?

It’s great that you are staying! Now you have the chance to have your friend be your roommate. With that in mind, remember to be quick and act before mid-June. Here are instructions from the “Home for a friend” service:

A tenant living in a shared apartment can “offer” a home to a friend. In other words, if there is a vacant or soon-to-be vacant room in a shared apartment, the tenant living in the shared apartment can tell a friend about it. The friend can then apply for the same apartment (excluding August and September). The friend must submit an application for a shared apartment and then be in contact with the Housing Office and tell them which apartment they want to move into. This is only possible when it is done before we have offered the apartment to someone else.

Furthermore, remember to take care of the apartment’s cleanliness, including shared spaces, even if you do not get a roommate right away. New residents will move into shared apartments during late summer at the latest, and it is important that they can move into a clean apartment.