Take care to move out in time and in style

Moving day can cause a lot of trouble for people moving in and out. The process can be very physically and mentally taxing, and busyness and tight scheduling are almost always a part of it. What’s more, you have to think about the final inspection and arrange returning your keys.

The notice period for a tenancy agreement is one calendar month, as stipulated in the Act on Residential Leases. Therefore, if you submit your notice, e.g., on 30 November at the latest, your tenancy agreement will be terminated on 31 December and your moving-out day will be 1 January. If 1 January falls on a weekend or a midweek holiday, the moving-out day will be the next working day.

Why are we reminding you of this?

The tenant moving out has at least a month to prepare, and they are always informed of this schedule. Sometimes, however, an apartment will still be in utter chaos when the new tenant is bringing in their belongings.

The new tenant can retrieve their keys from the housing office in the morning and begin moving in immediately. This means that it is entirely possible for there to be some overlap in moving in and out. On the moving day, the tenant moving out must assign one half of the apartment for use by the new tenant. In other words, there must be enough space in the apartment for the new resident’s belongings. Moving clearly requires flexibility, planning and a positive attitude.

If you are moving out, remember to do these five things:

  • Pack your things early.
  • Make plans for helpers and moving vehicles in advance.
  • Thoroughly clean your apartment early. You should only need to move your belongings outside during your moving day. This way, you will only need to do a quick clean-up when you leave. The apartment will be left in good condition for the person moving in – you would surely appreciate that as well.
  • Empty your storage and return your key to the housing office.
  • For more instructions, go tohttps://toas.fi/en/your-tenancy/moving-out/