Sign up for the TOAS tenants’ Särkkä Day!


We offer TOAS tenants a day in the Särkänniemi amusement park on Friday 21 August 2020 between 5 pm and 9 pm. You can sign up if you have a valid rental agreement in August 2020 or after that. If you have rented a family apartment for your family, you are all welcome to participate. TOAS provides you free use on the rides, you can enjoy the tropical Aquarium and step into the Doghill Fairytale Farm. All you have to do is sign up from TOAS.

Sign up here

Tenants of TOAS and their friends may purchase a Särkänniemi Pass for the whole day (if you want to go before 5 pm) for 12€/person (max. 6 passes/TOAS confirmation). Check the opening hours. Passes are available at the ticket sales in Särkänniemi all day on 21.8.2020. In order to buy the pass for 12€, you need to present the confirmation email to TOAS Särkkä Day. Tenants of TOAS have booked their visit via TOAS sign-up. Friends are recommended to book a visit on Särkänniemi website to ensure the entrance: