Santa promises faster internet connections for all tenants

We have been working with Telia and Santa to offer a small Christmas present to our tenants. At the beginning of next year, the speed of the internet connection will increase to 200 mbps. A faster connection is a welcome addition now that many of us are studying and working from home, and we hope this makes everyone’s online work a little easier. And let’s not forget to relax and watch movies and shows, play games or read e-books, for example.

After the broadband renewal, the tenants can order a 200 Mbps internet connection from Telia free of charge. In many TOAS apartments, broadband can be accessed from a wall data socket, which means the renewal will not cause any technical changes. In some TOAS apartments, the internet connection is routed through a VDSL2 modem. In these locations, the new 200 megabit broadband will be provided through the apartment’s inner cable network by a cable modem. Therefore, to access the faster internet, the modem and connection point in the apartment must be changed.

New speeds cannot be ordered yet. The renewal will be implemented building by building starting from January 2021 in accordance with a building-specific schedule to be announced by Telia later. Tenants will also receive detailed instructions on when and how the new services can be ordered and activated.

After the renewal, TOAS apartments will provide as a supplementary service a high-speed 1,000 megabit broadband connection at an additional cost that tenants can order separately. In addition, concurrently with the renewal, Telia will offer several other customer benefits from a wide range of broadband, TV and mobile phone services that will improve the daily lives and comfort of tenants.