Home insurance pays off – tenants explain why

We do not require that our tenants have home insurance, but we do recommend it as student apartments have their fair share of accidents. The tenant is responsible for any property damage caused to their own or someone else’s property. If the tenant does not have home insurance, they will usually have to cover the costs of any damage. The housing company’s real estate property insurance will only cover damage to the real estate property. Here are some real-life examples of accidents at TOAS:


“We moved into our new apartment at TOAS. We bought a dishwasher and arranged for it to be installed professionally. The cost of installation stung a little. However, we were very happy that we followed TOAS’s instructions because the installationwas not done properly and it lead to water damage. We informed TOAS and they called in a repairman. We sent a receipt of the installation work and a statement of expenses for the repairs to our insurance company. The insurance covered the costs.”

Signed, Doesn’t sting anymore


“I’d lived in my studio apartment for a couple years when I decided to get a cat. Everything went well until one day, while I was away, the cat jumped onto the kitchen counter and managed somehow to turn on the stove. When I came home, I saw a burnt plastic cutting board smoking on the stove. Luckily, I came home early enough to avoid any major damage. Still, the apartment did suffer some smoke damage and the stove had to be replaced. My home insurance covered the costs of the damage caused by my pet. If it hadn’t, I would have had to pay about one thousand euros.”

Signed, Where there’s smoke


“It’s nice to drive to school when it’s cold! If you heat up your engine in advance, you won’t even use that much fuel. The car was hooked up to the block heater as usual. In my morning rush, I started driving without unplugging the cord and, as you might have guessed, the block heater broke. The bill for the accident was EUR 400, but after some explaining, my insurance company said that the accident was covered by my home insurance.”

Signed, Unplugged


Insurance companies will advise you on matters relating to home insurance for a student apartment. Keep in mind, however, that home insurance does not cover all the damage caused by a tenant’s negligence. For example, if a tenant causes water damage by falling asleep in the shower or by installing a dishwasher on their own, they will usually have to pay the costs in full.

Did you fill in the tenant inspection form? It might save you from trouble.

The tenant inspection form helps tenants inspect the condition of their apartment when they move in or out. It also helps clarify everyone’s responsibilities. When moving into an apartment, each tenant should fill in a tenant inspection form. By doing so, they will not be held responsible for damage to or marks that a previous tenant might have left on the apartment’s surfaces or fixtures and fittings.

Keep in mind, however, that the tenant inspection form is not a fault report and TOAS will not automatically order repairs according to the tenant inspection. If you find faults that require repairs or other actions, contact your location’s maintenance company or fill in an electronic fault report on our website.


Tenant inspection form (choose English from the dropdown menu)

Electronic fault report