Do you move in time and in style?

Moving day can be a headache for both the person moving out and the person moving in. This can be a mentally and physically demanding task, shaped by hurrying and tight schedules. Even though you have many things to remember, do not forget the final inspection and returning your keys.

The period of notice of a tenancy agreement is one calendar month in accordance with the Act on Residential Leases. So, if you give notice to TOAS by 30 April, the tenancy agreement will be terminated on 31 May. In this case, 1 June is the moving day. If the moving day is during a weekend or national holiday, the move must be done during the next weekday.

Why are we reminding you about this?

The person moving out always has at least one month to prepare. They will always know this schedule in advance. Despite this, it often happens that the apartment is in complete chaos on moving day, with the new tenant already carrying their belongings in.

The new tenant can fetch their keys from the housing office on the moving day morning. They are allowed to start moving immediately, making it quite possible that belongings are being moved in at same time as others are being moved out. On moving day, the person moving out must designate half of the apartment for the use by the new tenant, meaning there must be sufficient space for the new tenant’s belongings. It is obvious that moving requires a lot of planning and a positive attitude as well as flexibility from the tenants.

When moving away, please remember these five things:

  • Pack up well in advance.
  • Organise moving help and vehicles in advance.
  • Clean the apartment thoroughly well in advance. Reserve the moving day only for carrying things out. This way, a light finishing touch on moving day is quite enough to get the apartment in good shape for the new tenant. You, too, would appreciate a clean new home.
  • Remove your belongings from any storage space and return the key to the housing office.

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