You don’t waste water, do you? Have you ever taken the time to check your apartment’s water equipment?

Warm water is used most for washing, which also increases energy consumption – something must be used to heat the water, after all. For this reason, showers should be kept as short as possible. We at TOAS have promoted sensible consumption by installing new, economical shower heads in some locations.  With the water consumption campaign, we encourage tenants to use water economically wherever possible.

Does your tap or toilet leak?

A leak the size of thin thread will waste about 30,000 litres of water a year. Leaky taps and toilets should be addressed immediately by submitting a fault report to the property maintenance company.

You can see if your toilet is leaking with a simple toilet paper test. If the toilet has not been flushed for a while, place a couple pieces of toilet paper into the bowl against the back wall. If the papers stick to the wall and get wet, the toilet is probably leaking!