We reward smart recycling of abandoned items

Don’t forget that our recycling campaign continues throughout the entire year! There are many smart and student-friendly ways to get rid of extra items. Join Facebook groups to sell or give away things that you no longer need but that are in good shape. Pirkanmaan Kierrätys is happy to accept items in good condition that they can sell in their recycling centres — you can even order a free pickup. Pirkanmaan Kierrätys picks up items that can no longer be used for a fee. 

The Helpponouto and Repsikka pickup services make it easy to dispose of landfill items as they also pick up items you no longer need for a fee. Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto’s waste management centres accept items either for free or for a fee, depending on the item. Tenant committees often order dumpsters for the tenants’ use in the spring. We’re sure that one of these ways is a suitable way to recycle your unnecessary items!

This year, TOAS rewards locations with the biggest reduction in waste transport expenses caused by abandoned furniture and other items. We will also reward locations that maintain their additional waste deliveries at zero. Read more about the campaign (website currently only available in Finnish): https://toas.fi/kierratyskampanja-2020/.