Terminate your lease on time – how the one-month notice period works

Our tenancy agreements have a notice period of one calendar month in accordance with the Act on Residential Leases. In practice, this means that if you terminate your lease on 15 November or 30 November, your tenancy agreement will end on 31 December, in other words, at the end of the following month.

We want to encourage our tenants to terminate their leases as soon as their move has been confirmed. If you terminate your lease on time, it gives us some much-needed time to lease out the apartment to someone else.  There is high demand for student apartments in Tampere. Our ability to find new residents for vacant apartments has a huge impact on how long people have to queue until they receive an apartment.  If multiple students queuing for an apartment are forced to reject an offered apartment due to the short notice, it may take us longer to find new residents for the vacant home. Let us all try to do our part in ensuring that there are no needlessly empty apartments.  Thank you for your cooperation!