Water saving campaign for tenants – win money for tenant committee activities!

The TOAS water saving campaign for tenants is about to commence again and will continue through 2019. During the campaign, site-specific water consumption is compared to the previous year’s consumption. Three sites that have reduced their water consumption the most will be awarded a money prize for their tenant committee activities. The site that saves the most water will receive a prize of EUR 500, the one that saves the second most EUR 300 and the one that saves the third most EUR 100.

You can reduce the amount of chemicals used to purify water and save energy by reducing your water consumption, meaning that you will also be kinder to nature and reduce your environmental impact. Through individual effort, it is possible for us to reduce our water consumption and to help protect the environment. Let’s work together to help each tenant and site save as much water as possible. Avoid unnecessarily running taps and the excessive use of water.

The poster for this year’s water saving campaign has been designed by Valentina Ramirez. More information on the campaign on TOAS’s social media channels!