Getting rid of paper – TOAS continues to digitalise!


TOAS is increasingly using its digital systems in tenant communication. In the future we aim to use paper communication as little as possible, meaning that we deliver tenant information more and more by email. Tenant notifications are sent from the address through our digital tenant management system.

Keep your contact information up to date, and check the junk mail folder of your email from time to time so as not to lose important information!

At the end of the year we are planning to open an online tenant portal, through which every tenant can see their own information and tenant notifications online and book time slots for the sauna and laundry room online.

Digital signature

We have started using digital signatures in tenant agreements. All Finnish tenant agreements — except for the ones applicants confirm at TOAS housing office — will from now on be signed digitally through TUPAS identification (with your online bank identifiers).

When an applicant receives an apartment offer and has delivered the requested attachments to TOAS, they receive a link in their email which guides them to sign the tenant agreement digitally. Separate tenant agreements on paper will no longer be mailed out — the tenant saves their copy of the contract when signing it digitally. The rent invoice is emailed to the tenant after digitally signing the agreement. You can still come by the TOAS office to personally sign the tenant agreement.

Underage applicants and people who are unable to sign the agreement digitally receive paper copies of the agreement.