Design the 2019 Water saving campaign poster and win a gift card!


Could you use a Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa 100 euro gift card? The residents’ water saving campaign will start again in January 2019, but we still need a campaign poster. Design a poster with a functional layout and slogan and deliver it to the Neuvis email and you will be a tad closer to winning the one hundred euro gift card. See below for more details about entering the contest.

Rules for the water saving campaign design contest
The contest period is 5 – 30 November 2018. Send your proposal for the water saving campaign poster in pdf format to the Neuvis email: by 30 November 2018. Be sure to write your full name in the message.

The competition organiser
The competition and the associated prizes are organised by the Tampere Student Housing Foundation (TOAS), hereinafter referred to as “The Organiser”.

Eligibility and participation in the competition
All TOAS residents are able take part in the competition. Participation will be by way of sending the poster proposal, designed by you, in pdf format as an email attachment by 30 November 2018 to The subject of the poster is saving water. In 2019, TOAS will be 60 years old, if you wish you can take this into consideration in designing the poster. The poster should also include a mention that more information on the 2019 water saving campaign (rules, prize calculation, etc.) is available at

The participant must own full rights to any pictures included in the poster. The organiser reserves the right to disqualify from the competition entries containing pictures that are not owned by the participant, as well as posters that may be considered offensive, or otherwise inappropriate to the nature of the competition.

If the winner has acted in violation of these rules, or in some other way broken the law, this will lead to disqualification. The organiser has the right to remove such participants from the competition who seek to wrongfully use the competition in order to change the odds of the results or the draw.

Neuvis will choose the proposals that it considers suitable for the voting and will select the winner at the pre-Christmas meeting on 4 December 2018. TOAS reserves the right to use the the winning poster.

The winner of the competition will be awarded a 100 euro POK gift card. The second runner up will receive four tickets to the cinema. The winner will be notified by email, to the same address from where the entry to the competition was sent from. Unclaimed prizes will not be compensated for and they cannot be exchanged for cash. The winner’s name and picture sent to the competition, may be published on the Organiser’s internet pages, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the Newsletter.

Approval of the rules and right for alteration
By taking part in this competition all the participants agree to follow the competition rules and the Organiser’s decisions. If necessary, the Organiser has the right to alter the rules without giving notice.