Ways to ApplyNotice: you can apply with only one of these applications. For new international students, we offer furnished locations and a fixed-term agreement. If you already live in Finland, go with the regular application process.

Quarantine instructions when coming from abroad

Covid-19 update 24.9.: Students who are under quarantine can’t visit TOAS office. Do not visit the office if you are sick/have any mild symptoms. Please use email and phone service.

You can ask a tutor or authorize someone to pick up your keys before you arrive. 

You can authorize someone else than a tutor to pick up the key with a power of attorney. You can move into the apartment right away, no need to self-quarantine elsewhere, if you are healthy. Make sure to check the current quarantine restrictions when arriving to Finland from abroad, to ensure the safety of others, link here.

1. Furnished rooms

The Fall semester 2020 will not have a specific application period for the furnished rooms. If you are a new degree student, you may apply for the room once your arrival to Tampere is confirmed, and you have received the residence permit. Please notice, that once you accept the offer, it becomes a binding agreement. You are then responsible for the rental payments, even if you are not in Finland.
Notice:  Due to the special situation caused by the Covid-19 situation all students can now apply for these rooms for Fall semester 2020. Normally the application for furnished rooms is only for new international students.
List of locations, that have rooms with furniture.
How to accept the received offer. 
Tenancy agreement and rent.
What to do when you move in to the apartment.

NOTICE: no family apartments are offered with this application, only single rooms. If you are coming with a spouse or a child, you can apply only with the “Regular“-application. 

NOTE: Spring semester 2021 update here.

Apply for the furnished rooms HERE

2. Our Regular Application Process

Already living in Finland? Not a new international student? No need for a furnished apartment? Proceed to applying! (NOTICE: this application can be submitted only after receiving the acceptance to the university.) With this application the rooms are mainly unfurnished.

Not recommended for new exchange degree students, as the rooms are mainly unfurnished.

Our Regular Application Process

3. Short-term residency

You may apply for short-term residency if

  • you are studying somewhere else but coming to Tampere for a summer job, an internship or a cram school
  • you work at the university in Tampere as a researcher or post-doctoral or are a visitor

The tenancy agreement will always be fixed-term and may not be extended. Apartments for short-term residency are shared apartments or family apartments and are mainly located outside the city center. Studios are not available for short-term residency. Please note that during the summer, apartments/rooms are rented up to 31 July. Those with a post-doctoral status or other researcher status, fixed-term tenancy agreement will be done until the end of their contract of employment. Submit the application at the earliest two months before you need the accommodation.

Apply for Short-term Residency

Notice, that you can apply with only one of these application types.

Take Note!

  • You may apply with only ONE of these application types (see above). If you have submitted several applications, only the last one submitted will remain in the queue.
  • Students applying with the regular application must be accepted to a university or educational institution in Tampere when filling in the application.
  • Make sure to have your passport number or EU identification number available when submitting the International application, as they will be required.
  • You can submit the International application even though you have not yet been accepted to a university in Tampere. We will check your acceptance before confirming your reservation.
  • Furnished apartment means a room with a bed, a mattress, a table, a chair and a bookshelf.
  • Once you have paid the deposit, the reservation is a binding agreement. If your studies in Tampere are cancelled, contact TOAS immediately!

Apartment types

A room in a shared apartment

each tenant has their own bedroom, a shared kitchen and a shared bathroom with two to four persons of the same gender.

Shared room

a tenant will share the bedroom with another student of same gender

Single room

might have a personal bathroom or a shared bathroom and a shared kitchen.

If coming with a spouse or your family, contact the housing office for availability in furnished family apartments.

Apartment Types