Quickly available apartments

Quickly available apartments are immediately vacant or they will be available at short notice. TOAS has offered the apartments based on the queue but since a tenancy agreement has not been made, also applicants who are not yet on the top of the queue may apply for these apartments. The applicant must be able to start the agreement immediately.

Note! If you already live in another TOAS apartment and apply for a quickly available apartment, you have the normal giving notice time (one calendar month) in your current tenancy agreement. This means that you must pay double rents. If there are several applicants interested in the same apartment, the offer will be sent to the applicant who has the oldest application. You may see the apartment only after you have received an offer.

Page updated 15.12.2017

Immediately beginning tenancy agreements

Location Description Square meters Floor Rent €/Month
190 Herrainpuisto 1h+tk+balcony 47 5. 718,87+30
401 Mikontalo 1h+tk+french balcony 52 5. 569,61+30


1.1. beginning tenancy agreements

Kohde Asuntotyyppi Neliöt Kerros Vuokra €/kk
500 Lukonkierikka 2h+k 56,5 1. 502,27+30
290 Ismonraitti 2h+k+balcony 56,5 3. 569,52+30
401 Mikontalo 1h+kk+french balcony 28,5 7. 358,41+20
195 Espantorni 1h+kk 38 2. 582,16+20
217 Kissanmaa 1h+kt+alcove+balcony 36,5 6. 624,52+20


1.2. beginning tenancy agreements

Kohde Asuntotyyppi Neliöt Kerros Vuokra €/kk
411 Wäinölä 3 3h+k+balcony 68,5 6. 669,88+30
800 Reinola 3h+k+balcony 67,5 2. 696,88+30
205 Rauhaniemi 2h+kk 57,5 6. 559,15+30
520 Lukonkruuti 2h+k+balcony 56,5 2. 543,48+30

How to apply:

Quickly available apartments are published on TOAS website. The apartments will be removed from the ad once the tenancy agreement has been made.

  • You can apply only by email to asuntotoimisto(at)toas.fi. Title your email as follows: “quickly available apartment/location”, e.g. “quickly available apartment/Karinkaari”. Remember to write your contact information as well!
  • In addition to the email, you must have a valid application. The apartment type must correspond to the quickly available apartment.
  • Apply for a quickly available apartment only if you are willing to accept the offer. Your application will be removed from the queue after you have received an offer.
  • The agreement to the quickly available apartments starts immediately or on the day informed on TOAS website.