Apartments for Friends in TOAS Kissanmaa!


Wouldn’t it be nice to move into the same flat with your good friend(s)? TOAS’ shared apartments for friends are more than just apartments, because:

  1. There’s always someone to talk to at home.
  2. Half of the cleaning is always done.
  3. The joys of life are multiplied with the amount of flat mates.
  4. The struggles of life are easier to face when you have your friend(s) in your corner <3

Amazing flats for four friends will be available in the fall in TOAS Kissanmaa. These apartments include also a dishwasher! Check the location information here.

To rent a shared apartment together with your friend(s), fill in the application for shared apartment with a friend online.


  • Each tenant will have their own room and tenancy agreement in these apartments.
  • Each tenant must be a student in Tampere.
  • Each tenant must fill in their own application for ‘shared apartment with a friend’ to get an offer.
  • Apartments are offered according to the queuing situation, i.e. applications that have been in the queue for longest will get an offer first.

Read more about apartment types.

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