Furnished Locations For New International StudentsWelcome to your new furnished home! Accommodation will be reserved for you as close to your university as possible.

Tampere university city centre, Kauppi campus and TAMK

145 Pinja For exchange students!
Rooms available from September. All agreements made max. until May 31st

205 Rauhaniemi (only some shared apartments)

500 Lukonkierikka (only some shared apartments)

520 Lukonkruuti (only some shared apartments)

700 Sepontalo (only some shared apartments)

970 Lapinkaari

Tampere University Hervanta campus

(only furnished shared apartments, no studios)

401 Mikontalo

420 Paawola (only 3-room shared apartments)

440 Tuulanhovi

470 Tekniikantornit (only a couple of rooms)