‘Legendary’ is Mikontalo’s middle name! Once the biggest apartment building of Scandinavia, Mikontalo is still the landmark of Hervanta. With great pride, TOAS renovated this complex back in 2008-2009 to meet today’s standards.

In August 2023, a renovation of the three-person shared apartments into studios and two-room apartments will start. The residents of the building are informed about the renovation and its details as the project progresses. The renovation will cause some noise disturbance to nearby apartments.

Address: Insinöörinkatu 60, 33720 TAMPERE
Location number: 401
Region: Hervanta
Rent (€/m2): 11,74
Construction year: 1978-1980, thorough renovation 2007-2009
Apartments: 402
Maintenance company: HH-Kiinteistöpalvelut, tel. 010 3950 395, hhkp(at)hhkp.fi
Property maintenance: isannointi@toas.fi, tel. 0800 95560

Apartment Types and Rents

1 room apartments Square meters m2 Rent €
1 room, kitchen, French balcony 28 – 28,5 357 - 394
1 room, kitchenette 28 – 28,5 346 - 373
In total 192 studios

Shared apartments Square meters m2 Rent €
2 rooms, kitchen, French balcony 52,5 – 54,5 285 - 313
2 rooms, kitchen/kitchenette French balcony 52,5 – 54,5 298 - 323
3 rooms, kitchen, French balcony 69 – 70,5 240 - 253
3 rooms, kitchen, French balcony 67,5 – 70,5 253 - 263
In total 168 shared apartments

Family apartments Square meters m2 Rent €
1 room, kitchenette, French balcony 52 598 - 623
In total 24 family apartments


Tampere university central campus 7,5 km
Tampere university Hervanta campus 700 m
TAMK (Teiskontie) 7,3 km
Nearest bus stop 400 m
Nearest grocery store 600 m

Additional Information

Internet Yes
Laundry Yes, located in the ground floors of A- and C-blocks.
Common room Yes, located in the ground floor of D-block.
Parking place Yes, renting via eParking service.
Garage No
Covered parking slot No.
Balcony In some apartments there is a French balcony
Pets allowed Not in shared apartments, allowed in studios and family apartments.
Elevator Yes
Cable TV Yes
Sauna Yes, located in the ground floors of each block.
Storage Not for each flat. A bicycle storage is in the basement of A- and D-blocks.
Parking hall Yes, in Technopolis. Renting via eParking service.
Playground No
Grill No
Gym Yes, Mikkis-Sali (located between B- and C-blocks.
Energy consumption Energy efficiency report
Energy efficiency class C (ks. Energy)

Kitchens include a standard stove, a cooker hood (connected to the building’s ventilation system) and a refrigerator-chiller/freezer. Apartments have connections for a laundry machine and a dishwasher (in studios only for a laundry machine). Flats are equipped with all light fixtures and fire alarms required by the law. Waste collection units are located on the courtyard nearby Insinöörinkatu.

Property storages are in the ground floor of each block. It is not possible to enter the storage area using apartment keys. If you need storage, please contact the housing office. All apartments are equipped with a button to open the building front door (not a regular door phone). All shared apartments are furnished. The furniture includes: bed, mattress, table, chair, small shelf and a drawer.