You can now apply to Hippos and our other new locations!


You can now apply for all of our new locations that will be completed this year!

TOAS Hippos

Hippos is being completed in stages, and you can now apply for the first five houses to be completed this year.

Take a look at the Hippos’s location page where you can see the different apartment types with their rents and floor plans of the first four houses to be completed, as well as rendition photos of a few different apartment types and the common areas of the location. The estimated completion schedule of the houses can also be seen on the website.

We will start sending offers to houses 1B and 1C at the end of May.

Rauhaniemi 32

Rauhaniemi 32 is our new location being built in Rauhaniemi area. The new house will be built next to the houses of our old Rauhaniemi location. Rauhaniemi is located in a great location close to nature and good outdoor activities, yet only a short distance from the city center. The applications for the location are now open! We will start sending offers in the beginning of May.

Vanha Domus A-house

The story of TOAS started from Kaleva, Vanha Domus. Now the A-house of Vanhan Domus is going through a basic renovation, where the entire building’s technology and interior surfaces will be renewed, and the building will have 67 brand new apartments in a great location in the middle of Kaleva. Check out the new apartments in Vanha Domus A-house and apply! We will start sending offers in July.


The three-person shared apartments in Mikontalo have been renovated to studios and small family apartments. Next the apartments in D-block will be completed and ready to move in 1st of June. Applications for D-block’s apartments will open in the beginning of April.