Wooden bedframes don’t belong in plastic waste – tips for good waste recycling

During 2020, we have added plastic collection containers to almost all of our locations. Thank you to everyone who has started recycling plastic. Many of you have been very enthusiastic. Unfortunately, we have also found mixed waste and even a wooden bedframe in the plastic collection containers, which naturally goes against the purpose of recycling. With that in mind, let’s be even more careful when sorting waste. Here’s a short checklist of what kinds of waste you can put in the plastic collection container:

  • plastic yoghurt packs and butter containers.
  • plastic packages for cold cuts, cheese and store-bought pre-prepared food
  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic detergent, soap and shampoo bottles

Note, cling film plastic wrap is not plastic packaging, so it does not belong in a plastic collection container.

Sorting other items can also be a little difficult at times. As a reminder, you can only put clean papers into the paper collection bin, so do not carelessly throw away dirty papers that have been around food items, for example. Another bit of trivia is that brown paper bags should be sorted into carboard collection, not paper collection. Few people know this because it makes sense to think that a paper bag should be recycled with other paper. Since this is not the case, let’s take special note of it! Other types of paper bags can be sorted into either paper or carboard collection.

Christmas adds its own challenges to recycling. Gift wrapping paper should be sorted into mixed waste because the paper surface is coloured and because packages often include tape. Carboard packages and traditional Christmas calendars should be put into carboard collection containers. You can remove the plastic inside a chocolate Christmas calendar and then put the plastic into plastic collection and the calendar into carboard collection. For more information and advice on waste recycling and sorting, go to Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto’s websitehttps://pjhoy.fi/en/waste%2520search/