We asked about living in a shared apartment – here’s what you said

In the spring, we asked our residents what it is like to live in a shared apartment. We received nearly a thousand responses from 38 locations and picked some of the cautionary tales and encouraging experiences for this newsletter.

Of all the respondents, 90% felt that sharing an apartment is a great way to reduce your living costs. Not having to count every cent at the grocery shop and being able to pay the rent and still have spare cash were considered a huge advantage.

Having the right attitude from the moment you move in and getting along with different people were considered important factors for feeling comfortable in a shared apartment. However, you do not need to be a hyper-extroverted entertainer; you can go a long way by simply respecting others and the shared rules. Speaking of shared rules, it is a good idea to agree on them as soon as you move in together. We have even prepared a checklist for that (in Finnish) to help everyone know where they stand and what is expected of them.

We are not saying that sharing an apartment is the right answer for everyone. It is important to recognise if you are the kind of person who could have a positive, educational experience in a shared apartment. However, our respondents reported so many positive experiences of sharing an apartment, even resulting in lifelong friendships. In any case, at least you can save some money and find new people and experiences in your life.

See a summary on the survey results (in Finnish) and find out if a shared apartment would be a good fit for you! https://toas.fi/solufaktat/