Shared rules are more important than ever during the coronavirus pandemic, especially in shared apartments

Finland’s coronavirus situation is stable, but the virus has not disappeared. All of us must make sure that we do not spread the virus with our actions. Instead, we should work to stop the virus from spreading. The authorities have the best advice on how to act during the pandemic, so make sure you follow their instructions. For a great source of advice and instructions, read the information provided by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare at:

All of our tenants should always consider the instructions related to the pandemic, whether they are in their apartment or anywhere else. All of us need to follow the general instructions from the authorities when it comes to things like hand hygiene. Following recommendations is crucial and everyone’s responsibility, so let’s all work together to get the coronavirus under control.

Following instructions and recommendations is particularly important in shared apartments. For example, tenants living in a shared apartment should consider how many guests they can have in their apartment. When living together with someone, it is always important to be considerate and establish clear rules, and now these things are more important than ever. Have you established rules for living in a shared apartment with your roommates? Whether you have or not, we have prepared a list of rules for living in a shared apartment that you should take a look at with your roommates. This means you can find the best rules and tools for living together. To read our rules and instructions, go to: