New life for abandoned bikes

Earlier this year, we talked about abandoned bikes in the storages of our locations that often ended up scrapped. Knowing this, we started working together with Tampere’s Job Coaching Foundation, Syke, to put the bikes to good use. Our aim is to recycle abandoned bikes and to promote Syke’s rehabilitation activities. This means that TOAS will hand bikes over to Syke if they have stood unused in the yard or in storage for at least a year. Syke will then repair the bikes. After this, they will be sold with the priority of selling to students – at a student-friendly price, of course. We will provide more information about the bikes at a later date!

We want to promote circular economy and recycle materials so that they can be reused. Repairing bikes at Syke offers concrete, meaningful work to unemployed job-seekers in Tampere. For students, the bikes are well-maintained and reasonably priced vehicles. Naturally, the yards and storages at TOAS will be cleaner and better organised as well.