More parking spaces moving to eParking

We are moving TOAS’s parking space rentals to the electronic eParking service in stages. The parking spaces of the first selected locations have already been moved to the service. The next locations to be moved to the service are Lukonkierikka, Lukonlysti, Lukonkruuti, Sepontalo, Annala, Iso-Heikkilä and Kaisanpirtit starting on 1 December 2019. You can rent the parking spaces of other locations from TOAS’s housing office until further notice.

These things will change:

  • the parking space’s rent will be paid using the eParking service, either in-app or in a browser at
  • the cost of the parking space will no longer be included in an apartment’s rent bill
  • new parking space renters can rent and choose their spot when it is most convenient for them

These things will remain the same:

  • TOAS will continue to act as the parking space lessor
  • keys to block heaters and access passes to parking garages must be retrieved from TOAS’s housing office

Read more about eParking in the “Car Park” section at