More non-deposit locations coming to TOAS!

TOAS has tested non-deposit apartments at some locations, which has been beneficial for both us and tenants! In non-deposit locations, the tenant does not need to pay a rental deposit. The tenant will be billed if they do not complete a final cleaning when moving out, if the apartment needs repairs or if there is unpaid rent. If the tenant has taken care of these matters, their business with TOAS will be concluded once they give up the apartment.

Messukylä, Rautapelto, Kanjoni, Veikkola 1 and 2, Leenanlinna and Lukonlysti will become non-deposit locations in early 2020.

The non-deposit change will apply to new tenancy agreements in these locations from 1 January 2020 onward. The tenancy agreements that are currently valid will not change. Non-deposit apartments lower early rental costs and make the renting process more effortless, which makes students’ lives easier.