Kauppi location will be completed in May, the apartment offers will be sent out in March


The Kauppi location will be completed at the end of May and tenants can move in on 1st of June. Apartment offers will be sent in March, the exact date will be announced later. A viewing of apartments for the tenants is kept close to the time of moving in if the situation allows. The apartments are offered according to the queue, with the application that has been valid longest being the first in the queue. Applicants may sends wishes regarding the apartment (floor etc.). The time for sending the wishes will be announced later on our website.

In addition to the period of validity of the application, getting an apartment may be affected by the criteria set by the applicant for their housing application, ie, for example, the amount of rent and the size of the apartment. You should check that your application’s apartment criteria match the apartments in the location, so that your application is definitely valid for the apartment you want.