Instructions for the moving day on 1 June 2021


Moving day is Tuesday 1 June. In order to protect our customers and staff on the moving day, exceptional steps are being taken to comply with the corona virus protection guidelines. Thank you for following the instructions below.

TOAS office is open 8.15 am – 3.30 pm. The office has face-to-face service only in matters related to picking up the keys, other interaction must be done online.

Please note the following when you come to pick up the keys on 1st of June:

  • Have your ID card ready
  • Use hand sanitizer and wear a face mask when visiting the office (available at the office door)
  • Take a number and wait for your turn
  • Only keys are provided at the office (all other inquiries / services are made through the electronic services)
  • If it is not compulsory for you to move on 1st of June you can also get the keys later at TOAS office on weekdays during the office hours 12 noon–3.30 pm
  • It is also possible to collect the keys directly from the current tenant if they have given their contact information. In this case, you will need to sign a key transfer agreement, which will be delivered to TOAS office by email or to the drop box next to the office door.
  • If you are a TOAS tenant and are moving from one TOAS apartment to another, return the old keys in an envelope to the drop box next to the office door
  • If you need a storage cage or a parking space, please take care of inquiries and reservations in advance (parking spaces are rented via eParking)
  • Don’t come if you are sick or even with mild symptoms -> write a letter of authorization for someone else (sample printable at
  • Don’t come if you are in quarantine -> write a letter of authorization for someone else
  • Remember good hand hygiene
  • Remember the safety distance
  • Only 5 clients are allowed in the office at the same time and there will be a lot of people moving, so be prepared to queue outside the office.
  • At the beginning of the month the office is busy, so be prepared to queue. Our e-mail and phone services are busy too so it may take a while for you to get an answer.

Due to corona virus, make sure to check the current instructions and quarantine restrictions, especially when arriving to Finland from abroad

TOAS office doors are closed for customers. Our office will serve clients face-to-face in matters related to picking up keys on weekdays only between 12 noon and 3.30 pm. The door is closed and the customer must call the office when arriving to the door, at which point the door will be opened during our opening hours.

Thank you for your cooperation and good luck with your move!