Information on the furnished rooms application


UPDATE 1.6.2023: The application for furnished rooms is now closed, due to a large amount of applications.


The application period for the furnished rooms for Fall semester 2023 is now open.

We have received a lot of email inquiries, so here are the most asked topics to answer your questions:

We have already received a large amount of applications, and there will be only a limited amount of available rooms.

You should have read all the application information on our web site, before you applied: application types and the information about furnished rooms application.

You can apply only with one of these application types. If you submit a new application, it will delete the previous one. If you submit the application for furnished rooms again, it will delete the first application, and you will be of course placed at the end of the waiting list with the second application. If you apply also for the unfurnished rooms, then the second application will delete the first application you submitted. So if you apply first for the furnished rooms and then for unfurnished, the furnished rooms application will be deleted.

It is not possible to modify the application after submitting it, or add any details to it. If you write for example your passport number or home address incorrectly, that is ok, and does not matter.

It is not possible to follow up the furnished rooms application, so no myTOAS registration can be done for it.

Coming with a spouse or family, then only the Regular application for family apartments can be used. The furnished rooms application is only for one person offer per room.

We have just started to make the offers for the furnished rooms. They are done manually, so it takes time. Due to this the students will receive the possible offer in different times. All the information will be given on the offer email, make sure to check your email spam folder as well.

NOTICE: the more you send us email inquires about the apartment offers, the more time it will take us to make the actual offers. So now just wait patiently for an update. 

If you choose to apply for the UNFURNISHED rooms with the Regular application, the waiting time for an unfurnished STUDIO apartment is over 6 months. Waiting time for an unfurnished room in a shared apartment is from a week to a couple of months.


Article published on May 9th.