Furnished rooms for international students, Spring 2021


The application period for the furnished rooms for Spring semester 2021 will be opened on November 19th at 9:00 (UTC +2). This is the site where you will then apply.

Write on the application “wishes on the accommodation” box whether you have been accepted as a student in Tampere university or TAMK for Fall semester 2020 or Spring semester 2021. 
Write also how many months you wish to rent the room for (notice that the agreement must be made only for full months). If you have a preferred building, the name of the building as well.
Submit the application only once. If you submit the application again, it will delete the first one and you will be placed at the bottom of the queue.

We have many rooms available already in December, so in most cases the agreement can already start during December.

Once you receive an offer via email, you have plenty of time to accept it.
We recommend, that you send TOAS the attachments to accept the offer at least a week before you are supposed to arrive here (so once your arrival to Tampere has been confirmed). The attachments will be listed on the offer email, they are the preliminary agreement and a receipt of the paid deposit (300€).
Once you accept the given offer, it becomes a legally binding agreement. You are then responsible for the rental payments, even if you are not in Finland.

TOAS will give you more instructions once you receive an offer (on how to get the keys, what to do next and so on).
We make each housing offer manually, so it can take a couple of weeks to receive an offer.

You can check here, what the furnished rooms include and what things are useful for you to know (the application period and fixed tenancy agreement period instructions on that site are not used for 2020/2021 academic year).