First dates out for the year of projects 


We’re excited to announce the application dates for our first new locations. The applications for Rauhaniemi 32 and Vanha Domus A-house have been opened! So you can now add these locations to your application. It will be possible to move into the new buildings of Rauhaniemi 32 and Vanha Domus A-house during the summer.

The application period for the new student quarter Hippos will open at the beginning of February. We’ll let you know the exact date soon. At this point you can apply for all the apartments in Hippos that are to be completed in the Fall. Please note that the houses will complete in stages between August and October. The first houses that will be completed are 1B and 1C and you can already move in to these houses in August.

Regarding all applications, we will announce a more detailed schedule for sending apartment offers later. Follow our website!