Electric bike collaboration with TOAS residents


In Kaleva, Tampere there is a bicycle repair and electric bike rental business named Willlari fiksaa & loonaa (Sammonkatu 22-24, 33540 Tampere) that is collaborating with TOAS residents to allow free rental of electric bikes. The rental occcurs by emailing Willari fiksaa & loonaa at info@willari.fi or by calling 0413144912. The rental time is one day (24 hours). Other rental times are to be agreed upon with Willari fiksaa & loonaa staff. The Tampere student apartment association is offering this option for all of its residents, meaning the 1 day rental is free of cost. All TOAS residents’ identification cards and address will be checked upon rental.

The electric bikes are safe and comfortable to ride, in both city or countryside usage. The efficient and light motor guarantees optimal gear shifting and creates a natural feeling while pedaling. The bike also comes with a basket that is practical and easy to use. The electric bike assists in pedaling up to 25 km/h. Each bike is suitable for both men and women, despite age or physical condition.

The Willari fiksaa & loonaa model supports the thought of changing modes of transportation within the city to more environmentally friendly ones.

Willari fiksaa & loonaa is also offering all TOAS residents and other students 10% off all sports equipment repairs (bicycles and ice skates). If your equipment requires new parts or the ordering of new parts, you will need to pay the full cost, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Contact information and hours of operation:

Willari fiksaa & loonaa

Sammonkatu 22-24
33540 Tampere
Monday – Friday 10-16.30
Saturday 10 – 15