Do you know many generations of TOAS members?


TOAS has been working for students for 60 years. All these years are sure to include stories about living at TOAS and studying from many generations! This is why we are looking for TOAS tenants from many generations to tell their stories about living at TOAS and studying. You can be a second, third or even fourth generation TOAS member. Don’t worry about missing a generation. If you are currently a tenant, for instance, and your grandparent has lived at TOAS in their time, then you are the person we’re looking for. We value all kinds of heartwarming and funny stories about living at TOAS.

We are looking to promote generational stories on social media and at our 60-year anniversary event in May. If you are a TOAS member with stories from many generations, contact omatoas(at) and briefly describe your and your family’s story. We will respond to your message and tell you more.